Once we penetrate the nondual, everything becomes sutra, a speck of dust, a fleeting light, mud and shadows as well as big poetic-living-majestic things like mountains and rivers, and cars, wheels, tarmac and ...
Once we penetrate the nondual with an unborn nondual body-mind, this very life has a great taste and we can count: 1,2,3,4,5
Things and people, they all return to where they come from and never really left ( just in dreams).


As Lex Hixon writes:

leave aside marketplace and monastery.

Drop body-mind. This is the path of non dwelling, non-abiding. The bright full moon is bigger that all this petty drama-Dharma, stuff about teachers and students, awakening or not, and yet, the bright full moonlight ripples on muddy waters and soiled puddles. It shines from neither without nor within, and the full samsara is a blossoming flower of emptiness.

Please stand, live, breathe, laugh and cry out of this. The full blown moon. Return again and again. This is what Dogen called the backward step.

Dont be misled by Buddhas and taught by demons. Just enjoy their company, join the party for a while and return to the source.