Treading along in this dreamlike, illusory realm,
Without looking for the traces I may have left;
A cuckoo's song beckons me to return home;
Hearing this, I tilt my head to see
Who has told me to turn back;
But do not ask me where I am going,
As I travel in this limitless world,
Where every step I take is my home.

Please let us not be so concerned about what we have done and not done, let s not play endlessly the good old tunes of what has happened, what if I did this or did not that? For years we have had these going on and on in the back ore front of our mind.The past is not ours to see and toy with. Done and gone. We all go along, drifting like the clouds of the Zen saying in the deep blue sky ( clouds are part of the sky, witout them, the sky would not be), we roam like a dream within a dream, bubble blown away without any place to abide. The Dharma is found like a bird song, meeting the real person here and now is all that matters, past and future are cast aside, home is not a place, home is who we are, this entire body - mind - breath-world , home is the action, the samadhi of receiving and using the self, jijuyu zanmai and everything that radiates through this being-time.