The kesa is a piece of clothing, you may point at its corner. Boundless field, it is an object that can also be felt. Something to wrap ourselves with.The kesa is also formless, naturally displayed in the 10 000 things of our universe. You, too. We may reach the formless and boundless but only through the study of something real, concrete. We practice the Dharma through a set of forms and then learn to unwrap, let go of these forms to let the original face shine. Only when undone, these forms are clearly seen for what they are, we can we truly understand that in these forms as well as in the absence of forms, Buddha just is. The discpline leads to freedom, a freedom so free that it contains, includes, encompasses discipline itself. Dancing awakeness, free to come and go, from shore to shore, from sitting to life and life to sitting, from the kesa of the homeless to the living tapestry of all things.